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Surprise people of all ages with a creative way to gift money! Imagine the excitement when your guest of honor unexpectedly pulls a seemingly endless roll of dollar bills from inside their cake.

The money box hides a long strip of dollar bills of any denomination in an actual cake. The kit includes the money box and a roll of plastic sleeves (holds up to 40 bills).


Cake and money are not included in the kit ;)


Pair this with one of our toppers and get $5 off! Just enter this code at checkout: GETITGETIT


Measurements: 4.5”W x 2.5”H x 2.5”D


Please pay attention to the size of the money box. You’ll need to make sure your cake is big enough to hold the box! We find that a Nothing Bundt Cake is perfect with minimal cutting since there’s already a hole in it!


The money box is made of acrylic and is considered safe to come in contact with food.


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